HTE TEAM A - Make sure to watch in HD! 

A period piece set at the historic Deepwells Mansion, the award-winning “OLD COATS” music video is a story about romance and tragedy shot in dramatic, dreamy imagery. In this captivating story, our main character Winthrop comes to terms with the loss in his life. 
Equal to it’s compelling look is the gripping original song performed by Barnaby Bright‘s Nathan & Becky Bliss. 

OLD COATS was the winner of "BEST MUSIC VIDEO" for the New Hope Film Festival and the Long Island International Film Expo in 2013.


Make Sure to watch in HD! 

Piano siren Kristin Errett brings us a classic story of the hardships of tired love and one couple's effort to regain the lost flame in a flickering love. This video was filmed in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain Range in Hope, New Jersey. Kristin's powerful lyrics and remarkable vocal delivery have drawn comparisons to singer such as Sarah Bareilles and have garnered her a sizeable online following.