Wesley Lunsford, one half of the award winning Modern Traditional Country duo The Young Fables, has landed an artist endorsement with GRETSCH guitars. The lefty guitarist joins the ranks of some pretty impressive players including Chet Atkins, Bo Diddly, Bono and Brian Setzer.

Says Lunsford of Gretsch, “Nothing sounds like a Gretsch. Everything that Gretsch touches has a signature unlike anything else. From the Filtertrons to the DynaSonics or the hollow bodies to the solid bodies, each one offers something new to the electric guitar. Aside from sounding so unique, they are really the coolest looking guitars. And let’s be honest that’s why many of us even started playing guitar!”


Laurel Wright of The Young Fables has been singing “Crazy” by Patsy Cline for nearly her entire life. She began humming the tune as a little girl and has continuously modified new renditions of the tune throughout her career. When she met TYF partner and accomplished guitarist Wesley Lunsford, a special version emerged. So special in fact that ROLLING STONE has named the cover to their Top Ten List.


In a world where content is king, it seems everyone these days is producing a live music "Sessions" of some sort. Popular garment company Project 615 has gone the extra step to stand out from the crowd. The Music City trend setters have gutted an old VW van and sound proofed the interior to roll out "The Bus Sessions". Equipped with three interior cameras, the bus takes route on the streets of Nashville while popular artists take a back seat to perform live versions of their singles in front of the cameras. It may sound a little random, but conversation is everything, and the company's branding will surely benefit from the project.

Project 615 has trusted their maiden slot to buzzing Americana/Country duo The Young Fables Check it out! Stay tuned for future releases and discover some of the hottest acts in town. Heck, visit one of their locations and pick up a tee shirt while you're at it! 


One of Nashville's most coveted trios, Steel Union, emerges from a brief hiatus to perform at THE COUNTRY with Brandon Ray. Vocalist Rachel Potter has not wasted any time getting back into the swing of things after giving birth to her first child in December of 2016. Heck, just last week the ex-Broadway sensation could be found working the red carpet at The Tony Awards. 

Now the trio, also featuring Donny Fallgatter and Josh Matheny, is back in action dusting the runway for their highly anticipated release. Tonight's showcase will take place at THE COUNTRY. Despite the establishment's name, the venue is one of Nashville's most genre-diverse homes.

Pull up your boots and hit the town for what will likely be a showcase that will remain on the tongues of Steel Union followers for a good time to come.


Chris Stapleton and Kenny Foster might just have a few things to mull over while sharing a beer at a local pub.

When Chris Stapleton won the triple crown at the 2015 CMA Awards, many country music fans around the world offered an understandable diagnosis, "That guy came out of NOWHERE!".  Well, that might be true, if you consider countless years of offering his voice to hundreds of Nashville's elite demo sessions and a rigorous tour schedule with The Steeldrivers, "nowhere".

The modern record industry is a landscape where many of the most promising voices in music are never fully recognized by the lucrative reach of mass media, but that doesn't mean they don't embody the same skill sets as the ones that are. Anyone on the ground floor of Nashville's songwriting community will tell you that the scene contains an army of talented individuals who fit the description to a T. 

One such soldier is prolific singer/songwriter, Kenny Foster. The Missouri-born talent moved to Nashville 14 years ago and has been beating the streets with his unique storytelling gift and strong, yet calming voice, ever since. Like Stapleton, Foster has put in more than his 10,000 hours, penning numerous songs with classes of new artists as well as a list of established names.

2017 marks the year for Kenny's long awaited arrival as the frontman of his own craft. Having written nearly 500 songs over the course of just a few years, Foster decided to embark on the daunting task of releasing his very own album, independently. The result is a praiseworthy collection of anthems entitled "Deep Cuts" that will immediately register with your heart as a body of mature work that deserves the attention it demands.

Find a quiet room, pop in those earbuds, and allow Kenny Foster to be your guide through a masterpiece of mantras and lessons-learned that feel hand-delivered by an artist just named to Rolling Stone's Top 10 Country Artists You Need to Know.






The swelling buzz surrounding The Young Fables is only getting stronger. Now the duo has partnered with the countrywide radio show America's Morning Show with Ty, Kelly and Chuck to release a playlist featuring all of the duo's performances on the Ten Minute Tune segment. 

The media conglomerate regularly presents The Young Fables with a lofty challenge. THE RULES: The Young Fables arrive in the studio and the hosts of the show answer random calls from listeners who propose on-the-spot subjects for a song. The duo is given only TEN MINUTES to write and rehearse the song before returning to perform LIVE ON AIR to the entire country! We're positively confident you'll be blown away with the results.  


Every once in a long while you stumble across an artist with such innate talent that you become wrapped around their finger before even reaching the chorus of the first song. Well, consider us delightfully tangled. 

Hope Tree Entertainment is proud to welcome powerhouse singer, Alaina Cross to the Hope Tree Collective as she steps into the spotlight with her haunting electronic-infused pop. Cross’ latest single “6 FT” will surely answer the big-voice, pop-hungry cry that echoes deep in your soul.

Check out the official music video freshly released on VEVO, and you’ll immediately discover why we are absolutely thrilled to call her one of our own.



The Young Fables extended their streak of front page coverage from The Boot last week with their latest social content release. This time the duo celebrated the anniversary of Prince's passing with a special cover of the icon's mega-hit ballad "Purple Rain".

For many, the video was the first significant online peek at Wes Lunsford's vocal and lead guitar efforts. The seven and a half minute rendition provides Lunsford the opportunity to spread his wings on his signature Telecaster and expose the chops he has been hiding. The extended guitar solo, chockfull of the song's familiar melody lines, can engage even the most novel of guitar fans with an almost acrobatic display of fretwork. Observing all the while is Laurel Wright with eyes of admiration. The duo's rendition is Lunsford-centric, but hardly void of the sweet bedding vocals of Wright to which fans of The Young Fables have grown accustomed.

The performance was captured by producer Brett Ryan Stewart at the Sound Shelter in Franklin, TN and aided by an impressive rhythm section composed of Jamie Rogan (drums/percussion) and Brad Shapiro (bass). 

Video production and direction was handled by Patryk Larney for Hope Tree Entertainment.


"Tub Talk" is the merging brainchild of Hope Tree Entertainment founder and CEO, Patryk Larney, and America's Got Talent season 10 finalist Alicia Michilli.

The short-form online vlog will deliver a series of interviews with independent artists in the curious setting of a claw-foot bathtub. Alicia, clad in swimwear, intends to leverage her bubbly personality to infuse humor and an interest in Music City's artist community with just a drop of sex appeal.

Click the video above for a sneak peek at the fun! 


The Young Fables have partnered with CMT to deliver the exclusive premiere of their latest official music video “Completely”. Filmed and produced in Nashville, TN by Hope Tree Entertainment, the video highlights the powerful patience of true love.

Crooning “I’m waiting / I know you’re chasing / Something that you don’t know / I can be impatient / But, Baby / You’re just one thing I won’t let go / No rush / This is right where I’ll be / Until you love me completely”, singer Laurel Wright strolls amidst the hustle and bustle of Broadway. Eyes fixed on the camera and seemingly disinterested in the swirling celebration around her, Laurel displays focus, while counterpart vocalist and guitarist Wesley Lunsford observes the distractions at hand. Eventually, the two musicians meet one another in the middle (fittingly at the doorstep of Tootsies Orchid Lounge - site of an early and noteworthy collaboration from the duo) culminating in a romantic and intimate moment, chock full of circling camera edits and the trade of an authentic gaze fit for Disney.

Leading actress Cassie McCown, kicks off the video’s storyline when she discovers the magical setting of Goorin Bros hat shop, while window-shopping in the neighborhood. Playing on the age old idiom “trying on all the hats”, Cassie auditions the vast collection of headwear, frustrated with the fruitless and uninspiring results. It is only when she ultimately discovers the comfortable, yet misplaced, news-boy hat of the leading actor, does she experience her “Goldilocks” moment. The verse of the video bares witness to the inner struggles of leading actor Gabriel Hooker, as he tends to the speakeasy bar AMARI, donning the grey cap. Drawing strong parallels to the lyrical message, Cassie reluctantly sets down the champion hat with a smile and turns fate over to the hands of the universe.

The treatment clearly illustrates the tumultuous nature of unrequited love and the difficult lesson that "timing" may be the most significant ingredient in the genesis of a potential relationship.

Directed by Patryk Larney (Hope Tree Entertainment) and captured by DP Stephen Byrum of Youngblood Films, the video seems to jump off the screen with fresh imagery and thought provoking substance.

Hair and Makeup was provided by Chrissy Yoder of I Can Make You Blush and wardrobe was carefully curated by celebrity stylist Payton Dale of The Payton Project. Wesley Lunsford wears an antique western bow tie laced with rhinestones from a classic cowboy era. Laurel Wright’s dress, originally designed for Lady GaGa’s “Joanne” tour reflects a classic country style while airing a modern flair with sheer sleeves.


Look out Nashville, here comes New Hampshire native, Morgan Clark ! 

Morgan plans to release her long awaited self-titled debut EP, April 22nd at THE CITY WINERY in Music City, USA. The Nashville release will feature five studio recorded efforts from the songwriting bank of a unique siren whose style is as distinct as her magnetic demeanor. Don't be surprised if you catch yourself helplessly humming the catchy hooks of her earthy-pop project. 

Hope Tree Entertainment is more than happy to welcome Morgan Clark to the ranks of the Artist Collective.