Pop/Rock siren DEBI BATZ releases her debut single "ROLLERCOASTER". The track marks the first peek of what is to come from the young starlet, who plans to follow the drop this summer with her debut EP entitled "PT.1".  If the EP's title is any indication of strategy, it may be safe to assume she's holding more than the attention of her followers.

Fans of the icy-eyed vocalist have been eagerly awaiting new material for over three years. Now it seems their patience will be pleasantly rewarded in the form of multiple releases.

The daughter of IRON MAIDEN lead guitarist Alf Batz, Debi is no stranger to fusing high energy performance with thought provoking lyrics. Surprisingly, it seems to come easy for her. In a recent interview with the popular web-jockeys at Nashville Unsigned, Debi boasts, "we wrote Rollercoaster in literally 45 minutes... it was super-easy to write and lots of fun." She went on to offer some insight regarding her hiatus from the industry, "I am a perfectionist... I've looked for that perfect plan and I've realized that there's no such thing, and sometimes you just gotta say f**k it...and not worry about what people think. "

We think people are going to think the same thing we are thinking..."I can't stop thinking about that song."