Look out Nashville, here comes New Hampshire native, Morgan Clark ! 

Morgan plans to release her long awaited self-titled debut EP, April 22nd at THE CITY WINERY in Music City, USA. The Nashville release will feature five studio recorded efforts from the songwriting bank of a unique siren whose style is as distinct as her magnetic demeanor. Don't be surprised if you catch yourself helplessly humming the catchy hooks of her earthy-pop project. 

Hope Tree Entertainment is more than happy to welcome Morgan Clark to the ranks of the Artist Collective.


Nashville newcomer Lauren Riley lands firmly on her feet with her debut release "Wanted", a song Riley penned with Joel Heumann and Melissa Fuller. Originally hailing from Arizona, this classically trained vocalist delivers a unique brand of Pop-Soul-Country. Now available on all staple platforms, the red-headed mini DIVA is grabbing attention with her raspy and instantly-recognizable vocal stylings. 

Last week Riley debuted an official music video for "WANTED". The exclusive release was distributed by the leading country blog "The Boot".  In a country scene flooded with bottle blonde sirens serenading tired old railroad tracks and country bros nursing red SOLO cups on tailgates, it is refreshing to witness a singer/songwriter with a fresh creative flair. The video depicts Riley attempting to engage an inattentive and stone faced leading man (Bryant Lowry) while wrestling with the proverbial security blanket. The magic of the work lies in simple manipulation of the footage. Riley shares a dance with a sheer curtain and the clips are run in reverse creating an eye-catching and interesting visual that stays faithful to the mood of the track. It's an unforgettable treatment that stands as a promising reminder that the secret to shareable content is more likely a clever idea than a massive budget.

Bravo, Ms. Riley. We're looking forward to getting our eyeballs on some more stuff.


Nashville multi-instrumentalist and prolific singer/songwriter Andrea Davidson used her pen in a different way this week when she offered her signature to a partnership with Warner Brothers Records. The agreement came after a long many years perfecting the unique sound that is distinctively Andrea.

Andrea recently completed a residency at Nashville's famous "The Basement" where she dropped a sneak peak of what to expect from her upcoming record currently being tracked by industry powerhouse Jay Joyce (Emmy Lou Harris, Little Big Town, Eric Church, Zac Brown Band, Brothers Osborne, the list goes on....and on ....and on).

We could not be happier for the young starlet and the profound message she carries. Congratulations, Andrea, ...and oh yeah, we'll be here for anything you might need. ;) 


Hope Tree Entertainment helped Lucie Silvas capture a live performance featuring Brothers Osborne hubby John Osborne and the soulful pop group The Shadowboxes.  The video was shot in East Nashville, TN is now available for viewing on VEVO.  

Lucie Silvas and The Shadowboxes delivered a memorable performance of the collaboration before a full house on July 23rd at the Ryman Auditorium. 

Video produced by Patryk Larney for Hope Tree Entertainment in association with Stephen Byrum of YoungBlood Films (DP). 


Sierra Noble has a new record, a new sound, and a new look. Not to mention a new home, or should we say an OLD home? The songstress has returned to her hometown of Winnipeg, CANADA for the release of her full length album "City of Ghosts". No matter where she resides, the singer is far from Arlington Street, where she first found her feet.

Put your ears on her story, the record is available on iTunes and Spotify!



Lauren Riley begins her push to break into the Nashville mainstream. The Cave Creek, Arizona native unveils her new website that features two new songs from the soulful siren as well as the promise of a new music video for "WANTED" coming soon! The video will debut on The Boot on November 2nd. The date was chosen to coincide with National Stress Awareness Day, a purpose close to Lauren's heart.


What's the game plan for South Carolina country siren and NBC's THE VOICE contestant Teresa Guidry? Well, move to Nashville, of course. The young singer/songwriter has joined forces with some of Music City's most promising talent to assist her with her debut self-titled release.

Produced by Austin Moorhead and Charles Longoria and engineered by Brad Hill, the EP features six original songs that find Teresa locking arms with writers Kimber Springs, Jan Buckingham and local fireball Stacy Stone. Introduced through an existing Hope Tree artist, Teresa has enlisted Hope Tree Entertainment to handle her Artist Development and Branding. Click on the image above to view the newly designed website launched for Teresa. 

Teresa will return to her hometown, like a good country girl does, to honor her friends and family with the first look at her new record when she appears at The Courthouse in Rock Hill, SC. Visit the TOUR section of her website for more information. 


Momma’s worried heart couldn’t deter young singer/songwriter Parker McKay from pulling up her cowgirl boots and hitting the highway to pursue her dream of landing on the cover of Rolling Stone, and we believe she’s well on her way. Heck, she’s already shared stages with Sheryl Crow, The Band Perry and Rascal Flatts and a relocation to Nashville, TN has found her rubbing elbows with the likes of Jana Kramer, Maren Morris and pond-skipping powerhouse Lucie Silvas.

Few could argue that the northeast native had not already pressed a sizable footprint into the fertile soil of Music City, but now she’s topped herself. Today, the rising talent announced the release of her long awaited debut EP featuring 6 original songs that sound more like veteran-penned anthems than a debut effort.

From the first notes of the ambitious Rolling Stone it is apparent that the self titled collection is sure to fill country-loving earbuds for years to come. Flip discovers Parker growling through the ivory-raining melodies of a clap along girl power stomper. If it is clever lyrical content you fancy, there is no shortage of brilliance in the drifty Call It Off, co-written by seasoned phrase turner Lucie Silvas. Under The Rug and I Tried take us on a journey from the country-music-meets-Bruno-Mars funk to a fit-for-the-highway classic that may soon have licensing giants playing hungry hungry hippos for the publishing rights. Parker fittingly closes her debut with the doleful Begin Goodbye, reminiscent of the heart wrenching ballads akin to Grace Potter.

The work clearly establishes McKay’s shining arrival into Nashville’s rising elite. We encourage you to pick up the album on iTunes or lend an ear over on Spotify. Producer and mixer Austin Moorhead and engineer Brad Hill have truly outdone themselves. Hope Tree Entertainment is thrilled to help introduce the world to another talent we are proud to call one of our own.

Fly, Parker, fly.

More information can be found at


Final Season American Idol contestant Laurel Wright discovered something that changed her path forever. Of course, we are referring to the age old idiom Two heads are better than one, but Laurel and partner Wes Lunsford of The Young Fables have put their own twist on the expression.

The two joined forces with Hope Tree Entertainment to create the harmony rich project in late 2015 and are already experiencing rising attention from the industry. Most recently, The Boot has exclusively premiered the group's first ever music video featuring the debut single of their maiden record "TWO". 

We couldn't be more proud of the young stars and their tandem quest. And they couldn't be more prepared for what's next, with a new record, fresh website, debut single and music video to boot. ; )




Imagine, if you will for a moment, Neverland’s Tinkerbell relocated to the island of Manhattan to experience a whole new universe of strange behaviors and relationships, sans wings. That’s the premise of Christina Morelli’s original screenplay DUST.  Now available to view online, DUST is a four part, made-for-web, cross section of a potential syndicated episodic sensation.  

The ties to Neverland are nothing new for producer Christina Morelli. Avid fans of the young writer’s work will recognize references to Peter Pan in the pages of her first book DEFRIENDED. It wasn’t long before the entrepreneur-minded Morelli set adrift on a new vision of a character-strong team of wing-clipped fairies parading the streets of a new world. The genesis of the work made its debut in the shadows of a theatre in London, and followed suit with a successful run stateside in New York City. 

It’s not in Christina Morelli’s nature to rest on her laurels and so THE CEO ARTIST founder adapted the stage work to a screenplay and cut her teeth on the fast growing world of web series. A pretty impressive debut, if we must say so ourselves, as Morelli is successful in securing Michelle Girolami, Danielle Beckmann, Ciara Rose Griffin and Rachel Potter of Broadway fame to round out her bill of fairies. 

If you are a sucker for quick-witted humor married with thought-provoking social commentary and a dash of magic, don’t miss Christina Morelli’s DUST, co-produced by Hope Tree Entertainment.


Hope Tree Entertainment welcomes newcomer Lauren Riley to the Nashville, TN roster. After trading her Cave Creek Arizona roots for Music City, the young starlet is planting the seeds for what is sure to be a promising career. She is already turning the heads of industry staples with her sultry smooth and raspy vocal delivery and stop-at-nothing attitude. 

Hope Tree is excited to partner with Lauren to deliver her genre-bending style and powerful commitment to raising awareness for the fight against Violence and Abuse.


How does one sum up the creative expanse that is Ashley Kate Adams?
One thing is for sure, it's difficult to trim down to an elevator pitch. The young starlet has flexed her pipes on stages from California to Broadway and now she's even finding her way to the silver screen. Most recently she can be found on episode 7 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and gracing the reels of Pitching Tents.

Then, of course, there is the lofty ambition of becoming a producer herself, but who can stop her? Ashley Kate Adams opened AKA STUDIO PRODUCTIONS to offer production house services to a wealth of lucky projects. The rising entrepreneur has already landed her genesis effort RULES of COOL with FULLSCREEN, produced the successful Hollywood stage show THE DODGERS, and lent her skill sets to indy gems Photo Op and Capital Advice.

Hope Tree Entertainment partnered with Ashley Kate to revamp her web presence and keep her home looking shiny and new. Of course, she needs a bigger home to house all the accolades she's been collecting. Go ASHLEY !


Hope Tree Entertainment partnered with AKA Studio Productions and Strohl Digital to bring you RULES OF COOL an original SAG comedy web series about two young women coming of age in the mazes of New York City. Now the series has been nominated for a DEMIURGE AWARD in the ONLINE MEDIA category, adding to the long list of accolades HTE has received for film work.

What's more, RULES OF COOL has been added to the roster of releases to be featured on FULLSCREEN alongside such television staples as Dawson's Creek and Talladega Nights.


CMT premieres Rachel Potter's official music video for "Tail Lights". Singing a song written by Lucie Silvas, Melissa Pierce and Jeremy Spillman, Rachel Potter easily delivers an anthem about leaving home to chase a dream and the words that will echo when one day she shines on the silver screen. Already ROLLING STONE is taking notice. READ THE ARTICLE

It won't be long until Rachel Potter is "Living The Dream" once again, and we'll be around to say, "Told ya so." 


You may have known her as the young country singer Molly Hunt, but she is back with a whole new sound and a rising career to boot. At the age of thirteen she became one of the youngest artists to ever pen a publishing deal in Nashville, TN and after following her country roots for a few years, Molly stumbled on a new sound that seems to have all the ingredients of a sensation.  

The music will be released under the moniker “SVRCINA", and Molly describes the fresh new sound as Cine-Pop, a combination of the epic drama provided by a film score with elements of modern electronic pop. She’s not alone in her ventures, SVRCINA has teamed up with successful film score producer Michael Whittaker to release the debut EP entitled “Lover.Fighter.” out February 5th. But that’s not all, SVRCINA’s military themed music is building an army of its own, witnessed by the loyal followers that helped her to successfully finance the release through the crowd funding platform PLEDGE MUSIC. The young talent has also turned the heads of industry gurus such as Wendy Duffy of Resin8 Management, a previous west coast trailer house rep who no doubt recognizes the sync value of the inspiring new musical cocktail. The sound has already landed SVRCINA a national placement in the promo video for Season 2 of ABC’s American Crime. 

SVRCINA seems to be collecting believers around every turn. Popular EDM artist Built By Titan featured SVRCINA’s soaring vocals on the catchy dance track In The Darkness. Have a listen, we dare you to attempt sitting still. What seems even more evident is the stunning depth in the lyrics that leap from the young artist’s pen. Top writing in the Built By Titan collaboration, she composes, “Straight like an arrow / deep in an ocean of glass / I crash through the black / Follow the sound / the beat of your heart / like a map / I’ll capture you back”. Pretty impressive versing for a nineteen year old. 

In a phone interview this morning, SVRCINA informs us that she plans to take a short hiatus from performing live and shift focus back to developing and experimenting with the new sound in the studio.  

We’re pretty sure that’s a good idea. Someone has to feed our addiction.

Join the battle!