We find that many artists are exhausted from what we describe as The Artist Treadmill. EVERYONE believes you have what it takes to become the next best thing, but for some reason it seems opportunities have begun to plateau. You have a SWISS CHEESE career. Hope Tree Entertainment will make a comprehensive analysis of your current accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses and help to put into place a custom action plan to begin filling in the holes. In turn, you'll be on track to reaching your potential and making some CHEDDAR! Furthermore, Hope Tree executes these strategies in a way that educates the client and empowers them to take control of their new blooming business.

Artists with impressive self-starter skills tend to be the few who are most successful. No one will do the work FOR you. Your best bet is to learn from trailblazing industry professionals and apply the education you have received. No matter HOW GOOD YOUR MUSIC IS, it is simply not enough. One of the most important pieces of your new business will be the proper execution of marketing and branding strategies. 

Hope Tree Entertainment can guide you through all the essential steps in setting up your success from establishing a clear identity to a flourishing web presence to final packaging, touring and marketing strategies. The secret to raising awareness in today's flooded indy market is thinking differently.

Allow Hope Tree Entertainment to assist you with a comprehensive view of your outside-the-box opportunities.

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Goal Identification
Long & Short Form Bio and MicroBio
Logo and Identity
360 Brand
Email List Management
Social Media Setup and Integration
Website Creation
Crowd Funding Management
Songwriting / Production / Co-Writes
Performing Rights Organization (PRO) Setup and
Demo, EP, and Professional Full Length Recording
One Sheet Creation
EPK Creation and Management

Promotional Material Creation
Web Promotion
Release & Distribution
Street Team Acquisition and Management
Music Video Production
Network Expansion
Market Research
Licensing and Publishing
Press and PR
Radio Promotion
Endorsement Hunting
Award Competition Submissions

Merchandising and Sales