Many artists make the mistake of describing their "brand" by identifying another artist's niche. They say things like, "I want to be like Cher" or " Amy Whinehouse is TOTALLY my brand". These are statements that clearly communicate that the speaker misunderstands the idea of a "brand".  

Branding began as a way to inform neighboring property owners that wandering livestock was indeed the property of a specific farm. What problems would have arisen if those farmers had used someone else's brand?! 

A brand works best when it uniquely belongs to an entity. Authenticity is ingredient number one. Therefore the most effective way to strengthen a brand is to highlight and amplify what is YOU! The confidence to be yourself will attract a core audience regardless of your views or style. 

Working as Creative Coordinator for Apple Computers and a degree from TCNJ in Graphic Design and Forward Media has helped Patryk Larney to become one of the most prolific branding minds of today's generation. His ability to identify a subject's most marketable qualities from the long list of genuine characteristics they embody, has helped him to successfully brand everything from corporations to Broadway plays to a rolodex of accomplished artists.  

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