Nashville newcomer Lauren Riley lands firmly on her feet with her debut release "Wanted", a song Riley penned with Joel Heumann and Melissa Fuller. Originally hailing from Arizona, this classically trained vocalist delivers a unique brand of Pop-Soul-Country. Now available on all staple platforms, the red-headed mini DIVA is grabbing attention with her raspy and instantly-recognizable vocal stylings. 

Last week Riley debuted an official music video for "WANTED". The exclusive release was distributed by the leading country blog "The Boot".  In a country scene flooded with bottle blonde sirens serenading tired old railroad tracks and country bros nursing red SOLO cups on tailgates, it is refreshing to witness a singer/songwriter with a fresh creative flair. The video depicts Riley attempting to engage an inattentive and stone faced leading man (Bryant Lowry) while wrestling with the proverbial security blanket. The magic of the work lies in simple manipulation of the footage. Riley shares a dance with a sheer curtain and the clips are run in reverse creating an eye-catching and interesting visual that stays faithful to the mood of the track. It's an unforgettable treatment that stands as a promising reminder that the secret to shareable content is more likely a clever idea than a massive budget.

Bravo, Ms. Riley. We're looking forward to getting our eyeballs on some more stuff.