You may have known her as the young country singer Molly Hunt, but she is back with a whole new sound and a rising career to boot. At the age of thirteen she became one of the youngest artists to ever pen a publishing deal in Nashville, TN and after following her country roots for a few years, Molly stumbled on a new sound that seems to have all the ingredients of a sensation.  

The music will be released under the moniker “SVRCINA", and Molly describes the fresh new sound as Cine-Pop, a combination of the epic drama provided by a film score with elements of modern electronic pop. She’s not alone in her ventures, SVRCINA has teamed up with successful film score producer Michael Whittaker to release the debut EP entitled “Lover.Fighter.” out February 5th. But that’s not all, SVRCINA’s military themed music is building an army of its own, witnessed by the loyal followers that helped her to successfully finance the release through the crowd funding platform PLEDGE MUSIC. The young talent has also turned the heads of industry gurus such as Wendy Duffy of Resin8 Management, a previous west coast trailer house rep who no doubt recognizes the sync value of the inspiring new musical cocktail. The sound has already landed SVRCINA a national placement in the promo video for Season 2 of ABC’s American Crime. 

SVRCINA seems to be collecting believers around every turn. Popular EDM artist Built By Titan featured SVRCINA’s soaring vocals on the catchy dance track In The Darkness. Have a listen, we dare you to attempt sitting still. What seems even more evident is the stunning depth in the lyrics that leap from the young artist’s pen. Top writing in the Built By Titan collaboration, she composes, “Straight like an arrow / deep in an ocean of glass / I crash through the black / Follow the sound / the beat of your heart / like a map / I’ll capture you back”. Pretty impressive versing for a nineteen year old. 

In a phone interview this morning, SVRCINA informs us that she plans to take a short hiatus from performing live and shift focus back to developing and experimenting with the new sound in the studio.  

We’re pretty sure that’s a good idea. Someone has to feed our addiction.

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