Imagine, if you will for a moment, Neverland’s Tinkerbell relocated to the island of Manhattan to experience a whole new universe of strange behaviors and relationships, sans wings. That’s the premise of Christina Morelli’s original screenplay DUST.  Now available to view online, DUST is a four part, made-for-web, cross section of a potential syndicated episodic sensation.  

The ties to Neverland are nothing new for producer Christina Morelli. Avid fans of the young writer’s work will recognize references to Peter Pan in the pages of her first book DEFRIENDED. It wasn’t long before the entrepreneur-minded Morelli set adrift on a new vision of a character-strong team of wing-clipped fairies parading the streets of a new world. The genesis of the work made its debut in the shadows of a theatre in London, and followed suit with a successful run stateside in New York City. 

It’s not in Christina Morelli’s nature to rest on her laurels and so THE CEO ARTIST founder adapted the stage work to a screenplay and cut her teeth on the fast growing world of web series. A pretty impressive debut, if we must say so ourselves, as Morelli is successful in securing Michelle Girolami, Danielle Beckmann, Ciara Rose Griffin and Rachel Potter of Broadway fame to round out her bill of fairies. 

If you are a sucker for quick-witted humor married with thought-provoking social commentary and a dash of magic, don’t miss Christina Morelli’s DUST, co-produced by Hope Tree Entertainment.