Chris Stapleton and Kenny Foster might just have a few things to mull over while sharing a beer at a local pub.

When Chris Stapleton won the triple crown at the 2015 CMA Awards, many country music fans around the world offered an understandable diagnosis, "That guy came out of NOWHERE!".  Well, that might be true, if you consider countless years of offering his voice to hundreds of Nashville's elite demo sessions and a rigorous tour schedule with The Steeldrivers, "nowhere".

The modern record industry is a landscape where many of the most promising voices in music are never fully recognized by the lucrative reach of mass media, but that doesn't mean they don't embody the same skill sets as the ones that are. Anyone on the ground floor of Nashville's songwriting community will tell you that the scene contains an army of talented individuals who fit the description to a T. 

One such soldier is prolific singer/songwriter, Kenny Foster. The Missouri-born talent moved to Nashville 14 years ago and has been beating the streets with his unique storytelling gift and strong, yet calming voice, ever since. Like Stapleton, Foster has put in more than his 10,000 hours, penning numerous songs with classes of new artists as well as a list of established names.

2017 marks the year for Kenny's long awaited arrival as the frontman of his own craft. Having written nearly 500 songs over the course of just a few years, Foster decided to embark on the daunting task of releasing his very own album, independently. The result is a praiseworthy collection of anthems entitled "Deep Cuts" that will immediately register with your heart as a body of mature work that deserves the attention it demands.

Find a quiet room, pop in those earbuds, and allow Kenny Foster to be your guide through a masterpiece of mantras and lessons-learned that feel hand-delivered by an artist just named to Rolling Stone's Top 10 Country Artists You Need to Know.