We believe today is a great day for independent musicians. The internet has helped to recover the keys from industry gatekeepers and opportunity is abundant. Independent artists take pride in retaining control of their unique vision. Hope Tree Entertainment can help you communicate YOUR message to your audience while REMAINING independent and in control.

We believe in delivering quality, cost-effective label services such as artist development, music and video solutions, and cutting edge branding and marketing.

A rapidly changing entertainment industry has many young artists trading partial ownership of their artform for access to the materials and infrastructure necessary for continued success in the field of entertainment. Unfortunately, this costly trade often comes at the penalty of high interest recoupable advances from record labels and entertainment firms. Hope Tree Entertainment believes in delivering the attention to detail that is required in order to yield high-end results for independents and their careers while allowing them to retain ALL OF THEIR RIGHTS.

With years of experience, our team can offer you the clear and precise action plan required to advance your career on a project by project basis. Whether you are searching for a clear career path through artist development, design identity and branding, a music video, a photo session, or booking, Hope Tree Entertainment will assist you in arriving at a solution tailor designed for the specific needs of your future. 

Furthermore, the Hope Tree Entertainment artist community provides valuable discount benefits through our HTE Artist Collective Program. If you would like to know more about how to enrich your independent experience and become one of our valued artists, please contact us!

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